Panther manufactures innovative, practical and high-quality stationery, as well as educational toys and games for early childhood skill development.



Learning Made Fun & Easy
Created with colourful, captivating illustrations, the Panther toys and games are lots of fun to learn with and entirely safe for kids. Available in the vernacular and English, our games are designed in collaboration with a team of child psychologists and primary school teachers. They drive cognitive development, improve coordination, and encourage self-expression.
Declutter. Add Colour.
Our range of office stationery is available in an array of colours that brighten up even the most mundane cubicles. Get on top of your to-do lists, stay organized and create more space on your desk and mind by choosing Panther products that inspire you to think out of the box.
Scribbles, Doodles, Notes & Things
Whether you’re a minimalist, a little bit extra, or a floral print fan, our notebook collection has something for everyone. Available in a range of sizes, the Panther notebooks are ideal for notetaking and doodling in the classroom or boardroom and even for daily journaling.

What Panther Stands for

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