The Perfect Gifts for Kids

Unleashing Potential with Panther Toys and Games When it comes to choosing the best gifts for kids in Colombo, Sri Lanka, it’s important to consider options that not only entertain but also foster skills development. In this blog article, we will explore the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzles, highlighting the importance of skills development and […]


Panther brand details This page has all the brand related information , the sound files can be used as ringtones or message alert tones for users who are passionate about what we do.   Panther Sound logo Panther Toys jingle Panther Stationery Jingle Panther Logo High res

Local Exhibitions and Sales

Panther at Local Exhibitions and sales. We will be present at the upcoming Industry 2023 exhibition organized by the Industrial Development board. Link Kandy Bookfair 2023 We participated at the Kandy bookfair 2023 which was held at Kandy City Center (KCC). Industrial Development Board exhibition held in Jun 2023 at the BMICH. 

Panther in the International market

Panther participated at the Ambiente 2023 which was held in Frankfurt, Germany in February 2023. And is scheduled to participate at the Paperworld Middle East which will be held later this year in Dubai.   

Environment Society and Governance Commitment

Our Environment , Society and Governance commitment (ESG) Environment The offcuts of paper and board from our operation are handed over to an organization who sorts them and prepares them to be recycled. The Paper and board suppliers we work with have FSC certification In April 2023, we installed a 40KW solar grid system at […]

Materials we use

Raw Materials: Our main base material that are used during the production of Panther items, are Paper and board. And taking a step back in the production process of Paper and board trees and natural products are the main core raw material.  When considering the materials we source we always look out for the best […]

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