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Step into the world of Panther Stationery, where creativity meets functionality in the realm of school and office supplies. Since our establishment back in 1995, we’ve become the ultimate go-to brand for all your stationery needs. We take immense pride in our exclusive range of products, crafted right here in the heart of Sri Lanka. At Panther, we thrive on being your source of inspiration, embracing ethics, and keeping things minimal. We’re all about sparking creativity and making stationery a thrilling experience! -Because who wouldn’t want their stationery to embody these fantastic qualities?
Be captivated by our remarkable collection of stationery products and office essentials. We’ve curated an astonishing array of rare and exquisite designs that will make your stationery dreams come true. From vibrant and colorful notebooks to handy memo pads, from stylish file holders to eye-catching covers, we have it all. And let’s not forget our incredible year planners that can be tailored to meet your corporate branding requirements. Panther Stationery is here to add a touch of flair to your workspace. But wait, there’s more! Our online store is an extension of our vibrant retail space, offering you the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home. With just a few clicks, you can have your desired products delivered right to your doorstep. We understand the importance of a speedy service, which is why we strive to dispatch your order within 3-4 days of confirmation.

Embrace the Panther experience and elevate your stationery game to new heights. Discover the perfect tools to unleash your creativity and organize your life with style. Join our ever-growing community of stationery enthusiasts and let Panther Stationery become your trusted companion on your journey of inspiration and productivity.
Remember, when it comes to stationery that stands out from the crowd, Panther is your perfect choice.



Chairman's message

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Nihal Atukorala 


With great privilege, I have had the opportunity to lead Panther, an esteemed organization that has made remarkable contributions to the production of stationery, educational toys, and games in Sri Lanka. Having witnessed the progression and success of the company firsthand, I am honored to have played a pivotal role in its growth and development. 

Panther takes immense pride in its comprehensive range of stationery items, which includes notebooks, binders, and magazine holders. Our dedicated in-house design team meticulously crafts products that not only reflect current trends but also provide practicality and enhance any environment. 

We understand the importance of catering to individual preferences, and as such, our diverse selection offers a wide variety of options to meet the unique needs of our valued customers.
From its inception, Panther has consistently been a trailblazer in early childhood education in Sri Lanka. Recognizing the significant demand in the market, we have collaborated with distinguished educational practitioners and child psychologists to develop an impressive range of educational materials. Each Panther product is thoughtfully designed to support children’s growth and development, covering a broad spectrum of essential skills, including color and number concepts, sequencing, time-telling, reading, and writing proficiency.
We firmly believe that education should be a transformative and engaging experience tailored to each child’s developmental needs. Guided by this principle, our dedicated team consistently strives to create innovative and age-appropriate materials that captivate young learners, foster a genuine love for learning, and inspire curiosity. Whether children are immersing themselves in vibrant colors, exploring numerical concepts, or developing language skills, Panther remains committed to providing educational resources that spark imagination and facilitate holistic development.

At Panther, our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence is ingrained in everything we do. Each Panther product undergoes rigorous scrutiny to meet our stringent standards, ensuring durability and delivering exceptional educational value. We are proud of our well-earned reputation as a trusted name in the industry, continuously exceeding expectations by providing outstanding stationery and educational materials that make a positive impact on the lives of children. We remain steadfast in our dedication to delivering professional service and exceptional products to our esteemed customers.

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