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Magnetic Alphabet – English 56tiles

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Magnetic Alphabet – English 56tiles

  • Item code: TY7016
  •  No. of Magnetic board : 1
  •  Magnetic Board size: 19cm x 26cm
  •  No. of picture and letter tiles: 56
  •  Age Group: 3+

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Magnetic Alphabet – English 56tiles

Introducing Panther Magnetic English Alphabet, a captivating educational tool designed to enhance language skills and foster creativity in children aged 3 and above. This magnetic playboard series includes a set of 56 square tiles, measuring 3.5cm each, that offer a world of possibilities for learning and play.

The 56 magnetic tiles consist of 16 image tiles and 40 letter tiles, all in a vibrant yellow color. The English letters are printed in bold black, ensuring clear visibility and easy recognition for children. To assist with proper orientation, letters that can be turned upside down and still display a character in the alphabet feature a helpful line indicating the correct orientation.

The centerpiece of this set is the iron play board, a durable rectangle measuring 26cm x 19cm. The play board is meticulously designed with 35 squares, providing the perfect canvas for arranging and rearranging the magnetic tiles. With Panther Magnetic Alphabet, children have the freedom to construct a wide range of simple words, allowing their creativity and language skills to flourish.

This educational toy has been carefully developed to ensure that it is accessible to children from all income groups. We believe in providing quality learning resources that are affordable and inclusive, so every child can benefit from engaging educational experiences.

Panther Magnetic Alphabet is highly regarded by schools and educators, with some even including it on their book lists. Its effectiveness in promoting language development and early literacy skills has been recognized and embraced by educational institutions.

The laminated and cover-laminated components of Panther Magnetic Alphabet ensure durability and longevity. This toy is built to withstand repeated use and provide countless hours of engaging play and learning.

With Panther Magnetic Alphabet, children embark on a journey of language exploration and discovery. They develop foundational literacy skills, expand their vocabulary, and enhance their cognitive abilities, all while having fun and engaging with magnetic tiles.

Invest in Panther Magnetic Alphabet and unlock the joy of language and literacy for your child. Watch as they delight in arranging letters and creating words, building confidence and a love for language along the way. This magnetic playboard series opens up a world of possibilities and sets the stage for a lifelong journey of learning and communication.

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Dimensions 26.4 × 21.5 × 0.5 cm

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