Javana Graphics

Panther products are manufactured and distributed by Javana Graphics Pvt Ltd. We are located in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka. Our range of products include educational toys, games, hobby items which helps children learn the basics in life. And then our stationery consists of ring binders, boxfiles, magazine holders, paper storage items, notebooks and notepads. Since all the products we manufacture a developed n produced in house, we also have the ability to customize our stationery and toys to suit the customer’s needs. more

kids making puzzles
Panther Kids

"Panther" educational toys have been developed together with educational professionals, in order to ensure that children receive a high quality product. We strive to make learning fun and easy.

Stationery items layout

Panther stationery uses trendy colors which makes the stationery stylish and high quality paper to compliment the stylish covers.

Panther boxfiles layout
Paper Storage

Panther Paper storage help to keep your office organized, and we have a number of both puched and punchless paper storage solutions for different sizes of sheets