Singithi Hodiya Puzzle 36 word puzzle


100 in stock

100 in stock

Product Details

Panther Singithi Hodiya puzzle contains 2 pieces – one piece has the image and the other has a word starting with that letter, these two pieces have to be connected.

This product helps to introduce children to the Sinhala alphabet. There are 36 letters in the box, which cover the main letters of the alphabet.

This like the fun with numbers has a colored band that goes across the alphabet letter and the word starting with the letter. This band helps the child to link the letter to the word using that if they are unable to read. This would start off as a fun exercise but can work out to be a learning exercise.

The use of jigsaw puzzles can supplement the boring text book education to a move activity-based learning method.

  • Box size: : 208mm x 118mm x 48mm
  • Age Group : 5
  • Age Group : 5
  • Laminated :
  • Cover Laminated :
  • Barcode : 4796000465524




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