Multicolor 4" Magazine Holder


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96 in stock

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The Multicolor magazine holder was introduced in 2022, to help with the ever rising cost. As many corporates still have the need for magazine holders but the self color range is not practical, we introduced this magazine holder. Which has the new Panther square design that has been incorporated in to the design. This is ideal for storing files, documents, bank statements. For people who are looking to keeping their work space nice and neat.

It has a gloss lamination so it protects it from moisture.

All the documents related to the subject could be stored in files and document holders that come in either 2 Ring or Slim size can be stored in a magazine holder. The base of the magazine holder is made out of chipboard and covered with a printed design. The inside of the magazine holder has a black paper pasted inside. These items are developed so that they are retailed at a price point that allows the customers purchase them without any hesitation.

  • Magazine Height:315mm
  • Magazine Holder Width:250mm
  • Spine Width:104mm
  • Paper Size:250mm x 310mm 4″ PL

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