75mm Boxfiles

Panther 75mm Laminated lever arch boxfiles are popular amongst the offices who practice 5s in their office. As our range of files have 14 different colors to pick from, customers are moving away from the basic 3 colored files multicolor with a marble design file, to more smarter vibrant solid colors with a lamination protective cover. Our lever arch file have a Metal finger pull ring and the clip comes equipped with a fastener to ensure that the documents stay in tack while filed. We introduced our Eco range, which has environmental friendly sheets of craft paper covered and is the only file in the range that does not have a lamination. The largest size document you could file is F4 size 210mm x 330mm which is also known as fullscap size. This file can store 400 F4 80gsm sheets and is held in position using a fastener.

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