Board Books

A board book is a book where the cover and pages inside are the same thickness.
Because of their durability, board books are perfect for the youngest of readers when introducing items to children. Since these books are made out of cardboard and are laminated these books can endure lots of wear and tear, so they’re great for the destructive hands of babies and toddlers. To tear a board book it takes a lot of a effort which would ensure that the book is protected.

The Panther Board books are used to introduce babies and toddlers to concepts of colours, numbers, shapes and letters all the subject areas a simple concepts. As these target toddlers we ensure that the images have bright, colourful illustrations with the word that describes the object printed in black at the bottom of the page. This helps children to learn to recognize simple words, especially when the text is printed in a single color against a plain colored background.

They’re Easy to Clean
With the lamination on the pages of the book even if the child has Sticky fingers it is not a problem. Once the child is done playing with the book each page can be wiped clean and the board book will look good as new.

Develop Motor Skills
The proper use of fingers and hands should be practiced by toddles. This skill is developed by holding anything they can get their hands on. With the thick pages of a board books this helps children to start practicing turning the pages, without the worry that they’re going to rip it. By regularly doing this exercise children can refine their motor skills and learn to be more delicate and precise with their hand movements.

Its always a good habit to start reading at a very early age.
With the images bright and colorful, this will encourage the child to go through the pages, and start the habit of reading. The bright and colourful illustrations, alongside fond memories with parents, will create a positive association with reading that will influence their perception for years to come.

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