Addition and Subtraction Puzzle 40 sums


98 in stock

98 in stock

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A puzzle that teaches children to add and subtract. The pieces have been specifically designed with the quantities illustrated to make it easy for the child to connect the puzzle and solve . This Panther educational toy helps introduce a child to the world of mathematics, maths.

Addition Subtraction puzzle, is one of our few products where we have puzzles on both sides of the puzzle. Each of the 20 mathematic puzzles, has an additional sum on the front side of the puzzle and on the reverse of the puzzle there is a subtraction puzzle printed.

The fun part in this activity is there are 20 small puzzles with 6 pieces per puzzle. The child can work with each 6-piece operation individually.

All 20 puzzles have been packed in to the box. The puzzle is manufactured using this card board which is durable in the long run.


  • Box size: :
  • Age Group : 6
  • Puzzles : 20 * Double sided print
  • Barcode : 4796000465418



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