Panther | Sandcraft Birthday Cards - Box

Sandcraft Birthday Cards - Box

Code TY5920

Number of colors : 125mm x 110mm
Playboard Size: : 4
No. of playboards: : 6
Box size: :
Video : :

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Daraz Lk

Panther Sandcraft birthday card box, was designed for children to peel off the sticker sheets on the top side of the black and white card, where the child would sprinkle the colored sand on the peeled area with one of the given 6 20gram colored sand packets. As the card is blank inside this allows the child to write what they want inside the card and present it to their friends or family. On the reverse of the box the colors to be used have been given as a guidance, but it is entirely up to the child to color the peeled sticker, with to color of their choice. The box contains, 20gram packs of colored sand 6nos and 4 nos. 125mm x 110mm birthday cards which have a sticker fixed on to the front is all provided in the economically priced Sandcraft birthday box.