Panther | Sales Day (L) 1000P

Sales Day (L) 1000P

Code ST3285

Barcode : 4796000463285

Book Size : 135mm x 290mm
Binding : Sewn
Pages : 1000
Inside Print : Yes, Blue H Lines, Red V lines
Inside Paper : 70gsm
Cover Laminated :

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Emars LK
Emars LK

Panther Sales day long 1000 page book is ideal for people who deal with regular cash transaction during the day, eg: a shop or trading house, to keep a tap of the sales made during the day.

This is essential when balancing the cash and other transaction done during the course of the day.

Maintaining this record book isnít as complicated as maintaining a ledger book, as this is just to keep a track of the out flow and in flow of the cash.