A fun way of learning & creating solutions for organized work space.


Every child needs to be given the opportunity to learn in different ways, we help them to achieve this by providing innovative activity based learning products. Creating a more productive and organized work eviornment.


Established in 1989,Javana Graphics (Pvt.) Ltd. is a Family owned company that has made an immense contribution to the Sri Lankan market. We manufacture a range of products that include a range of files and paper storage items, office indexes, registers and other paper based stationery, notebooks writing pads and a wide and creative range of educational activities, toys and games. Most of our educational Toys are in puzzle form. In 1998, to handle our retail distribution a new company, Panther Enterprises was established. The partnership of Panther Enterprises and directorate Javana Graphics Pvt. Ltd. consists of members of the Atukorala family. And in 2011 April we merged it with Javana Graphics Pvt Ltd, so every member of our staff strived to achieve the same goal. We are a small but rapidly expanding company and are fast approaching the goals we set out to achieve.


Javana Graphics Pvt. Ltd. has a fully equipped printing press that is situated in the Ratmalana Industrial Estate. Javana Graphics has over 75 employees and about 80% of the staff are young school leavers. We take great pride in harnessing fresh ideas and talent in our young workforce. Continuous training and development is paramount as it ensures that our clients receive the best quality products the market has to offer. Therefore the staff of Javana Graphics Pvt. Ltd. are provided with in-house training and regularly evaluated in order to maintain the highest standards. We are also proud to state that we are a modern and evolving organization with close to 60% of our staff is female. And we currently work a single shift unless necessary, as we believe that an employee should have a balance between work and family life. As part of our plan to showcase our diverse product line, we opened our own store at Panther Shop No. 249, Hospital Road, Kalubowila in June 2007. And we opened our second outlet Panther C at No. 96, Vauxhall Street Colombo 2 on January 14th 2016. Thus our client base has increased considerably and continues to grow. We are also in the process of establishing ourselves globally by exporting our products to the Netherlands, Norway and Maldives Islands. Panther has been listed on a web directories, and mentioned in a number of newspaper articles, we have listed a few below.


We participate regularly in various exhibitions both locally and abroad. The Colombo Bookfair that is held during the month of September in Sri Lanka has been an exhibition we have been participating in.  We also have been exhibition regularly at the Nuremberg Toyfair (Spielwarenmesse ) which is an International Toy Exhibition that is held in Nuremberg , Germany.

Raw Material

The current requirement of board required is imported from China, and the paper from both Indonesia and India. However substitute products are available at 20% less, from various other suppliers. The main board and paper suppliers we work with, are FSC (  certified, as we are a company who is both responsible for the environment and society. And when selecting our paper and board we ensure that the dust content of the material is minimum as this can affect both the employees and the working environment. The Adhesives and the inks we use have been tested, and the chemical content is safe for children.A very high quality coated clip is imported in order to ensure that the customer has a reliable box file. The file is offered to the customer with a one year warranty. Hence, definitely our prices are slightly higher in price, but we compensate the customer with a high quality product and reliable service.We continue to strive to provide the Sri Lankans with a wide range of reliable, high quality paper storing products and documenting product, and we always try to make "Learning fun and easy. Company profile

Who Makes Panther Products

We work with a staff of 95 employees as at October 2016. Where the split is 60 female and 35 male. We are proud of each team member who puts in an effort to ensure that each product is of high quality and safe to use. Our production technique is a mix of both manual and automated production. We always strive to incorporate new technology in to our production techniques. We have a welfare association that is been established within the employees together with the management.

How Panther products are Made

We had systems setup in different section of the company but we realized that we required some fine tuning in order to stream line our whole operation. In July 2017, set out on a mission, to get the world renowned ISO standard certification for our company before January 2018. And with the advise of professionals, we were able to link all our isolated systems to one system. In December 2017 we achieved the goal, and we are a now an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We have a team of employees who are regularly applying various 5s production techniques in order to improve our productivity.

Panther Team over the years 2008 and 2015

Panther Team 2008Panther Team 2015

Panther visited by St Josephs College Negambo

The children getting a guided tour of the Panther storesSharing a small Thank you present with the kidsDescription of the Panther printing processShowing the kids how Panther toys are die cutKids been taught how Panther books are boundKids been demonstrated how Panther items are pastedKids been demonstrated how Panther items are pasted

Panther visited by Gateway Students

Panther Factory Visit Gateway Students 2013Panther Factory Visit Gateway Students 2013Panther Factory Visit Gateway Students 2013

Panther Down South Dealer Meeting 2015

Panther Dealer Meeting Down South Oct 2015Panther Dealer Meeting Down South Oct 2015Panther Dealer Meeting Down South Oct 2015

Panther National Excellence Silver Award by SLCSMI

Managing Director Award from Dr Indrajit Coomaraswamy Team Panther attending the SLCSMI

Away from Work

We have a welfare association that is been established within the employees together with the management. Where we organize events for the employees. The events vary from January 1st parties, to self motivation discussion, trips organized by our welfasre society.

Panther Motivation Speech by

Panther Motivation Speech 2014Panther Motivation Speech 2014Panther Motivation Speech 2014

Panther Cricket Tournament 2015

Panther Cricket Tournament Aug 2015Panther Cricket Tournament Aug 2015Panther Cricket Tournament Aug 2015


Evolution of our Ratmalan Factory

Panther At Ratmalana 2004Panther At Ratmalana 2004Panther At Ratmalana 2009Panther At Ratmalana 2009Panther At Ratmalana 2009Panther At Ratmalana 2009Panther At Ratmalana 2010Panther At Ratmalana 2015